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University of Applied Arts

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Industrial Design 1

The study program teaches students to engage with design. This covers a variety of analytical and creative processes and stages.

The design process is based on analysing the human need in its respective context. We understand designing as actively creating our material environment while bearing in mind the social, political, cultural, ecological and economic coherences. We pay special attention to our responsibility for a shared future that is worth living and take care that we allow for dynamically variable cooperationships. With this stance, the Department of Industrial Design 1 firmly puts itself in the tradition of the design history at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

During the course of studies, we bring a wide spectrum of theoretical knowledge in lively connection with skills gained regarding materials, production possibilities, presentation and transfer methods. The various labs and workshops allow for experiments and the creation of prototypes.

The course of studies is characterised to a large extent by knowledge transfer in small groups, critical discussions and direct argumentation between teaching staff and students. The multitude of methods and the confrontation with various approaches and ways of thinking enable the students to develop and hone their design profile, and they learn to position their designs within the respective environment.

Subsequent vocational activities can be either freelance, or in businesses and institutions, or in areas of science, teaching and research. The course of studies enables graduates to apply their individual design language and explain it to others. It also empowers them to influence the current design discourse by adding their own approach that is based on the awareness of cultural, social, economic, ecological and political responsibility.