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16th May 2018 / Lecture

roadstories on design 2018

Public discussions with alumni of the Institute on work and life after graduation.

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8th May 2018 / Lecture

The Rodina

Performative Design

The Department of Graphic Design is very pleased to welcome The Rodina at the University of Applied Arts on May 8, 2018. They will give a public lecture on »Performative Design. Notes on labour, evenness, play.« and will talk about their experimental research on performative design, participatory design and ultimately game development.

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4th September 2018 – 23rd September 2018 / Exhibition

After Abundance

Austrian Contribution, London Design Biennale 2018, Emotional States

For the London Design Biennale 2018 – taking place from 4 to 23 September at Somerset House – students from Design Investigations, a five year diploma program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, led by Professor Anab Jain, present a speculative installation curated by Thomas Geisler.

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20th November 2018 – 25th November 2018 / Exhibition

The Essence 18

Annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

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26th November 2018 – 28th November 2018 / Workshop

Workshop with Gelitin

Every year, the Institute of Design organises an interdisciplinary workshop for a total of 18 participating students. This year´s three-day workshop will be held by austrian artist group Gelitin.

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8th November 2018 / Presentation

Book Release

Looking Glass

Josef Penninger und Gerald Bast laden sehr herzlich zur Vernissage und Buchpräsentation von "Looking Glass - Photographic Essays on the Mechanisms of Life" ein.

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13th December 2018 / Lecture

Britta Thie

Screening & Gespräch

Wie wirken sich die Prozesse des Filterns, Selbst-Brandings und der Kommodifizierung des Selbst auf die künstlerische Produktion und deren öffentliche Wahrnehmung aus? Es ist inzwischen gängige Praxis, Narrative des Selbst auf Plattformen wie Instagram, SoundCloud und Facebook auszustellen.

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27th November 2018 / Lecture

Conny Runner

»Hacks, Neorealismus, Subversion und Post-Situationismus«

Die neuen Technologien zum Informationsaustausch überschlagen sich in ihrer Entwicklung. Was heisst es, sie als Medien für subversive Aktionskunst zu nutzen? Und das in einer Zeit, in der wir uns weder darauf verlassen können, dass Informationen nicht nachbearbeitet wurden - noch als Individuen die Kapazitäten haben, die relevantesten Informationen zu filtern…

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23rd January 2019 / Lecture

Dennis Elbers

From Factories of the Human Body to the Quantified Self and all Fake News in between. How designers assemble Billy.

The Department of Graphic Design is very pleased to welcome Dennis Elbers at the University of Applied Arts on January 23, 2019. He will give a public lecture and will intorduce his mission (as a non-designer) to make designers more aware of their social impact and to stimulate visual literacy amongst a critical audience.

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21st March 2019 / Lecture

roadstories on design 2019

Public discussions with alumni of the Institute on work and life after graduation.

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25th March 2019 / Lecture

Hussein Chalayan in Conversation with Katy England

Katy England, legendary British stylist, will be speaking to Hussein Chalayan, Professor of the Fashion Department, about her life in fashion in the last 30 years.

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8th April 2019 – 13th April 2019 / Exhibition

id @ Milano Design

Week 2019

The universal principle behind fittings and joints plays a decisive role in almost every area of our daily lives. Frequently neglected as a minor detail, these highly engineered, industrially manufactured elements are in fact crucial for the functionality and appearance of the bigger structure they are part of.

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6th June 2019 / News

Show Modeklasse 19

The department of fashion design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is once again inviting to the Show Angewandte. Under the direction of Hussein Chalayan graduates and students will be presenting their latest collections.

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25th June 2019 – 28th June 2019 / Exhibition

Angewandte Festival 2019

With a completely new exhibition and event concept, the University of Applied Arts Vienna presents itself to the end of the academic year 2018/19.

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