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28th November 2016 – 30th November 2016 / Workshop

Put on the velcro slippers. Enter the Shower.

Every year, the Institute of Design organises an interdisciplinary workshop for a total of 18 participating students. This year´s hands-on workshop »Put on the velcro slippers. Enter the shower« will be held by London-based artist Joseph Popper.

In this workshop the participants will imagine mundane moments in future situations. They will work at 1:1 scale to craft individual encounters in time, scenarios where ‘real life’ meets the sublime: where human (or non-human) needs and desires coincide with a place and activity.

Joseph Popper examines space travel and other human technological endeavours by imagining future narratives and simulating fictional experiences. His works depart from developments of the emerging present and seek to project toward things to come. His narratives often feature a lone character reaching beyond the limits of mundane reality.

Popper employs handcrafted imagery and built environments in his approach which expose the honesty and rigour of his process. Everyday objects, simple materials and found locations transform into props and stages for playful, critical fictions where the normal is made fantastic.

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