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26th November 2018 – 28th November 2018 / Workshop

Workshop with Gelitin

Every year, the Institute of Design organises an interdisciplinary workshop for a total of 18 participating students. This year´s three-day workshop will be held by austrian artist group Gelitin.

About the workshop
Under the title STRAFKOLONIE VOLLPENSION, the workshop participants search, find and filter online snippets, photos, videos, blogs, interviews and transform them into performances, photos, videos and drawings.

Starting from their own practical experience, the three artists Manuel Scheiwiller, Maria Metsalu and Florian Reither create atmospheres and situations - a big bang - enabling the students to tackle grand performances and situations free from shyness and restraint. Anything of quality is possible and permissible.

Manuel Scheiwiller, Maria Metsalu and Florian Reither are members of the YOUNG BOY DANCING GROUP.

We can't wait to see what happens!

About Gelitin
Gelitin formed in the mid-nineties in Vienna, Austria consisting of the four artists Ali Janka, Florian Reither, Tobias Urban, and Wolfgang Gantner. Characterized by disparate yet unifying backgrounds, the artists perform their practice on the fragile territory of humour, spontaneity, child-like naiveté, and blatant sexuality that has given rise to their over-the-top performances and visually enticing work. Anticipating Relational Aesthetics, Gelitin plays with audience participation and collaboration, as a central core of their oeuvre. Attitudes become form and viewers are invited to join in as participants, defying their routine behaviour while enjoying art from a new perspective.
Young boy dancing group

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