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28th February 2017 / News

New head of Industrial Design 2: Anab Jain

The Institute of Design is pleased to welcome Anab Jain as the new Head of Industrial Design 2.

Anab Jain is known as a designer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and provocateur. She wears many hats, and brings them all together at her award winning future-facing design and innovation company, Superflux where she hopes to realise the vision of the studio as a new kind of design practice, responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. Based in London and India, Superflux is both a consultancy and a lab, operating in the realm of emerging technologies—everything from drones to the Internet of Things to innovative products and technology across many categories—for business, cultural, and social purposes.

Superflux's work is currently focused around autonomous systems, civilian drones, the Internet of Things, and various other strands of civic innovation, strategy, futures and the general impact of new technologies. The company recently won the UK Government's Internet of Things competition for their design of a compact air quality monitoring and GPS tracking sensor that can be easily fitted to child’s pushchair.

Educated in India, Vienna, and London, Anab Jain has an MA with distinction in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art, London (2005). Since then, she has consulted on both strategic and speculative design and technology projects for clients such as Microsoft Research, Nokia, Design Council and NESTA. Her experience and knowledge of design, emerging markets, new technologies and innovation has led her to be invited as a speaker for conferences worldwide.

The recipient of the Award of Excellence ICSID, UNESCO Digital Arts Award, and Grand Prix Geneva Human Rights Festival, Jain has also presented her work at MoMA, NY, Apple Computers Inc, Mattel HQ, London Design Festival and British Council amongst others. Her work has been profiled in the WIRED UK, Guardian Business Supplement, Popular Science, Marie Claire and Blueprint among others.

»Our work at Superflux investigates the complexities of our rapidly changing technological landscapes, and the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of such changes. Building on our experience and interests, it is my hope that I can bring a mode of enquiry amongst students and nurture an open-ended, critical, politically, and socially relevant creative position. I hope that the course will equip them with the capacity to act and excel in our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world; whether they work as independent designers, within organisations or create entirely new modes of activity. 

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to share ideas and be inspired by an exceptionally talented group of students as well as a supportive team of tutors and administrators in this endeavour.«

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