Aug 31, 2022 – Sep 20, 2022 / jobs
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JOBS / Senior Lecturer in fashion drawing (m/f/d, 20 hours per week)

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is looking to appoint a Senior Lecturer in fashion drawing (m/f/d, 20 hours per week, with a fixed-term contract starting from October 15th, 2022 to June 30th, 2025 – a subsequent unlimited contract extension is possible) for the Fashion Department at the Institute of Design.

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Jul 8, 2022 / award
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Andreas Palfinger wins award for diploma project ARKAH

Congrats to Klasse Kartak graduate Andreas Palfinger!

His diploma project „Mother Arkah” just got honoured at the New York International Film Awards, winning the category ›Best 1st Time Director: Short

‘Mother Arkah’ is an 18-minute animated short film exploring a speculative climate-apocalypse scenario and the hypothesis of the posthumanist ideology ‘Bio-Technoism’. The project investigates concepts on prohibiting the ‘religion of growth’, future power structures shaped within the ‘Posthuman Convergence’, AI-driven symbiogenetic evolution and autopoietic architectures.
The film serves as an allegory on mechanisms behind political belief systems, while posing questions about how deep the ‘urge for innovation’ is rooted within us humans and therefore how much humanness our planet can take.

Executed in @unrealengine 5

Jul 1, 2022 / diplomas S22
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to all the design students who graduated in July 2022!


Applied Photography and Time-based Media

Philip Tsetinis – Unknown Polyphenism

Lea Sonderegger – Norm


Graphic Design

Ran Chang – Secrets of the Chinese Restaurants

Dominik Einfalt – troost – bleibende Erinnerung

Andreas Palfinger – Mother Arkah

Marion Müller & Noah von Stietencron – Really?! Kinderserien im Reality-Check.


Graphics and Advertising

Johanna Michaela Philipp – Follow the rainbow

Alexandra Dzhiganskaya – Under the endless sky. Animation

Tobias Raschbacher – SDREAM


Industrial Design 1

Christoph Wimmer – Shaping Residue

Lang Fei – Family Step & Sit Tool

Annalena Stocker – floating thali

Anton Defant – The great indoors

Laura Maria Schreiber – IDA – Individualized Accesory

Felix Johann Ramadori – Boca a Boca

Juliane Fink – What’s in a Walk

Iris Franziska Papst – stick stuck


Industrial Design 2

Yuqing Li – Navigational Superpowers

Sarah Manuela Franzl – Climatic Reparation Machine



Fritz Haßler – Treacherous Roads

Tina Lichtenstöger – Reserverd Adventure


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