Applied Photography and Time-based Media

HEAD: Maria Ziegelböck

Applied photography is a field that covers a broad range of our visual communication and aesthetic culture. This means that the current conditions for image production and dissemination require having a specific visual identity, one that can assert itself confidently and critically.

The exploration of new approaches in and around the traditional concepts of photography and digital media is a central aspect of this study program.
A wide variety of different assignments and tasks help teach and individually foster crucial skills, including creativity, intuition, improvisation, and the ability to implement ideas. The autonomous development and implementation of personal ideas is a central precept from the very beginning, guided through training in photo and media technology, as well as presentation techniques.
The abilities needed to critique, analyze, and communicate about images are taught through cyclic discussions and presentations.

Educational workshops are held on a regular basis, often in collaboration with international editors, creative directors, and photographers.

The goal of this study program is to develop each student’s own aesthetic – a process that is initiated through education, and remains a driving force throughout an entire career.