Video Studio

HEAD: Wolfgang Neipl

The miniaturisation of the camera and the compression of the postproduction-studio to laptop-size provides Art University students with innovative potential linked to both soft- and hardware. The technical requirements for confident handling of time based media are therefore supplied, along with the development of contemporary sequential art and concepts, including a focus on sound and music, which characterizes the department’s program. Didactic concepts, which are in constant evolution, ensure easy access.

Courses of lectures
The department’s courses cover elective and required subjects in the curricula of numerous study programs in our university. We are fully aware of the necessity of inter- and transdisciplinary work in teaching and research and therefore welcome applications from students of other universities.
The programme offers the full range of time based media except 3D-Animation.

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The videostudio is a full appointed postproduction-studio:
• 6 equal workstations – platform: Apple Macintosh, iMac 27″, 32GB RAM
• Editing/Montage: PremierePro
• Videoanimation/Compositing: Adobe After Effects
• Sound:, DAW: Logic
Hardware for Audio/Midi: Audiointerface, Keyboard/Controller, Studiomikrophone.