About the Institute

The Institute of Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is an academic teaching and research centre offering interdisciplinary practice in various areas of contemporary design. Education is organised in diploma studies, with departments serving as “vertical studios” enabling students of all semesters to collaborate in joint art and research projects. Graduates are awarded a Magister/Magistra degree after passing their diploma exam.

The Institute of Design comprises the following departments: Industrial Design 1 and Industrial Design 2, Fashion, Graphic Design, Graphics and Advertising and Applied Photography and Time-Based Media. It is complemented by the Department of Design History and Theory as well as the Video Studio and the Computer Studio.

Education at the institute relies on knowledge transfer in small groups, direct interaction between teachers and students, free and experimental project choices as well as workshops and lectures given by national and international experts.

The Institute of Design is one of the leading design schools in Europe and adds to Vienna’s role as a national and international center of design competence.

Dean of the Institute:
Univ. Prof. Oliver Kartak
Department of Graphic Design